Proud Mesa Technicians from Left to Right — James Shafer, Rene Saucedo, Eric Harrison, Matt Hedgpeth, Levi “Wall-e” Wallace, Brian Krantzman, Ron Landsberger, Keith Boxrud, Al Pettit, Shawn Arvayo, Matt Strobeck, Dennis Ruiz, Scot Etchison and Leo “Andy”Anderson.

Have you ever seen so much Pride?  Everyone in this photo has a great big smile and their chests puffed out a little extra bit because they are proud of themselves and their achievements.  They aren’t proud for us, they are proud for themselves and everyone around them is feeding off of that pride.

These guys are almost to a person, are reaching for the next level of certification and recognition.  Others at the facility are doing the same and are asking for other opportunities to gain knowledge and continue their growth.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that when you teach, train and certify, and then recognize that achievement, you will have dedicated employees that will continue their careers at the same location for years to come.

I believe that it is extremely important that we not only provide them with a job and an income, but that we give them a clean and well organized environment to work in and provide them with the education needed to make themselves better and more efficient.  There are several technicians in this photo that have been with this location not for just years, but for a decade or more and have just recently been given the opportunity to become Certified Technicians.  Even one that is in his fortieth year as a Technician.  I expect that trend to continue as we continue to grow.

Investing in our Technicians, in our Advisors, our Warranty Administrators and OEM Parts Personnel also earns the respect of our customers in addition to their repeat business.

In addition to the plaques these guys are holding, there are over 50 more hanging on what we call the “Wall of Fame”.  Each year we intend to continue their education and continue to add plaque after plaque until we run out of room to hang them.

I could not be more proud of my entire team.   Not only the technicians, but of the more than 40 fixed operations personnel that make everything we do possible.  We could not deliver a single vehicle without them, we couldn’t install a single accessory and we certainly couldn’t take care of our customers after the sale.

Thank You to each and every one of You.  You make me happy to know you and proud to see Your Pride in everything you have achieved!

–Rick Williams

RVDA Certified Service Manager | Parts and Service Director, Gander RV of Mesa