This was a great beginning to Camping World training.  All of the classmates that I talked to were all really glad to get this training.  The lift it gives everyone helps us to go home excited and fired up about the process, snake charts flow, and O.W.E.S. process.  It provides that feeling of knowing and understanding your job, which will make your job easier, the Dealership a better place to work, and make your Customers happier with faster and effective results.

Service Manager, Amarillo, Texas

The Service Advisor course will help anyone having any “gaps” in their training or lack thereof.  Thank you for your time and efforts!

Service Advisor, Amarillo, Texas

I liked how the instructors let us bring up problems we have had on RV’s and use that as training to understand better.  The instructors also made it feel like they cared and wanted to teach and help.  They did not make it feel like a boring class and kept everyone interested in what was being taught.  Thank you all!

Service Technician, Redding, California


Camping World Technical Institute’s Vision is to be the Nation’s best RV Training facility!

Being the best means providing outstanding Quality and Service, so that we encourage growth in all of our Associates.

The Mission of the Camping World Technical Institute is to support and promote the stated Mission of the Training and Development Team of Camping World, which is to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools to all Camping World Associates to enable us to be the recognized Leaders in our Industry, and among all businesses. We promote and facilitate each of the following key elements of Training and Development:

  • Provide Knowledge and Improve Skills in order to Improve Results

  • Support the Development of People by knowing and improving our Processes

  • Create a Competitive Advantage for our Customers by out-performing our competitors

  • Enable all Associates to Understand and Satisfy Our Customers

We will meet these goals through focused training of our associates, both in the classroom and in the lab and in each of our places of work where we serve and assure the satisfaction of our customers.